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Practice Design Group has unparalleled experience consulting and designing dental facilities across the country. As advocates for the profession of dentistry, PDG is passionate about assisting dental specialists with maximizing their investment return in new and remodeled facilities, and in enhancing their quality of life as practitioners.

PDG Facility

2400 SF design studio with a 1600 SF finish materials library


Pat and Jeff present multiple CE accredited courses on dental office design and construction each year including the Impact Design seminar series sponsored by the Midmark Corporation.


Practice Design Group provides design and consulting services to dentists nationwide. Many clients choose to travel to our design studio for one or more design meetings to take advantage of our finish materials library, meet face-to-face and enjoy time in Austin. Pat and Jeff typically make multiple site visits to projects during construction to ensure projects are being construction in accordance with all drawings and specifications.


Pat attended Clemson University and graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Tennessee in 1975. Practicing as an interior designer, Pat started her career with hospital and hotel design projects for several architectural firms.

Pat was vice president of T.H.E. Design Inc. for twenty years prior to forming her own company, the Practice Design Group, with Dr. Jeff Carter in 2002. Pat has written numerous articles on dental office design in Dental Economics and other publications and is a frequent speaker at many national and state dental meetings including the ADA Annual Meeting, the Hinman Meeting, Texas Dental Association Meeting, Greater New York Meeting, Chicago Midwinter Meeting and Southwest Dental Conference.

Pat was at the forefront of the evolution of dental office design that utilized architecture and interior design to elevate dental facilities from the realm of generic office space.

Since 1979, she has participated in the design and construction of over 2000 dental facilities and is considered a leading expert on the provision of dental office design services nationwide.


Jeff graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Biological Science in 1976. In 1980 he received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Colorado, School of Dentistry. In his years as a practicing dentist, Jeff practiced as a young associate dentist, a group practitioner in a large clinic setting and as a solo-practitioner in his own practice.

In 1997, Jeff was hired by T.H.E. Design, Inc., of Austin, Texas. During his tenure at T.H.E., Jeff implemented technology integration services a much needed adjunct to T.H.E.’s dental office design services. In 2000, Jeff developed the Workstation and Pendulum Mounts to effectively integrate dual monitor systems in the dental operatory and other medical settings.

Since 1997, Jeff has been involved in the design and construction of over 500 dental facilities including dental schools and has published over 75 articles on office design and equipment and technology integration. Visit to access archives of Jeff’s columns in Dental Economics, Dental Equipment and Materials and Dental Office. Jeff is also a frequent speaker teaming with Pat to present CE courses on Custom Dental Office Design nationwide.

Jeff’s multi-faceted career also includes working as a Series 7 licensed investment broker, writer, stuntman, and B-movie actor.

In 2002, Pat and Jeff formed the Practice Design Group in response to dentists seeking a more collaborative and innovative design resource than was available through the dental supply houses and other formula-driven dental office design companies.

A Strategic Partnership

Practice Design Group – Plunkett Raysich Architects

Over the years, Pat and Jeff have worked with numerous architects and engineers to provide comprehensive dental design services nationwide. In 2012 we first partnered with Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP (PRA) to design and engineer the largest private practice dental facility in the United States, the Racine Dental Group. The combination of PDG’s dental expertise and Plunkett Raysich Architect’s shared attention to detail and depth of experience has proven to be an exceptional partnership. A partnership that has allowed PDG to advance dental office design concepts and principles while providing the highest level of service for our clients.

In 2024, PDG formally merged with PRA. We now operate as a fully integrated studio with PRA's Healthcare Design Studio. The formal press release is visible at this article: Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP integrates Dental Specialties into their Healthcare Design Studio.